Anabelle, 18

United States United States
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    United States
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    Illinois, johnston city
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    150 cm (4'11")
  • About me

    Ima cocky ass bitch And all I H A V E T O S A Y.............besides the fact that i am a pansexual, i love soccer, and i am more of a cat person than a dog person (none sexual). i like call of duty. all my best friends are guys. if you treat me bad i will say you are bad and i will NOT twist in knots to join your game and i will say that you make me mad . i do not care about you if u are gonna make up petty stories to make people fell bad 4 you. i hate life it can suck my toe....LOL. i am not a christian. i have 11 siblings and my parents are in prison. i witnessed my aunts death . i warn you: IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE THE FUCKING TRUTH DO NOT TALK TO ME. I CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH IF YOU HAND IT TO ME STRAIGHT............P.S. LOOK UP WHAT PANSEXUAL IS IT IS NOT THE SAME AS BISEXUAL