Ary, 26

Philippines Philippines
Ary, 26, Philippines
Ary, 26, Philippines
Ary, 26, Philippines
Ary, 26, Philippines
Ary, 26, Philippines
Ary, 26, Philippines
Ary, 26, Philippines
Ary, 26, Philippines
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    164 cm (5'04")
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    I am a human, surprise! ✨ I just came here to talk whenever I wanted to or I have time. If you'll ask what for, mainly just to improve my english communication skills. So preferably,I would like to talk with someone fluent in english. But others are also welcome, just don't be mad at me if I'm not in the mood to go on with the conversation. I am not for everyone lol, and it's hard to chat with many people at the same time. I got to choose whom I wanted to talk to too, it's my right. Real life is most of the time kinda toxic so as much as possible I wanted to just have a light environment when I go here, no hate. I also came here not to look for someone, because I already have one. So please stop harassing me with your horny messages and nasty retorts. My patience and openness also has limitations. Having friends online is okay, I get to know other people around the world and talk openly about life and stuff. Learn something from their experiences. Sometimes, you feel comfortable sharing stories or confiding with someone you didn't know, you don't have to worry that you'll be judged or being look at differently.. bcoz they don't personally know you, right? Or if others will, it's fine for the same reason. Just don't take it to heart, you won't literally see that someone in person. You can just leave and vanish here anytime (unsubscribe/delete account). Plus sometimes it kinda really boring to talk with the same people you already hang out with personally almost all of the time. Getting to know new people helps you know more about the world that you'll never got to do with having one life, absolutely.🤷 Esp. this pandemic, we are all trapped inside our own homes, you might be emotionally, physically and/or financially challenged. Got to find diversion somehow to keep your mind sane and off your personal dilemmas in real life. If you read until this, I hope we get along well. ☺️ Salamat! (Thank you)