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    182 cm (5'11")
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    My wife is my life, and I dare any one who tries to fuck with what's mine ! Married to her for 8 years , till death do us part! And for one certain guy on here get a life and stay with your wife you'll not have mine! That's final bitch! I'm not on here to make friends or look at ANY nasty whore ! I am only posting this so that the old man that tried to take the one woman and mother of my children away knows that he don't have a chance in hell! I know u been calling my house and I know you was once even at my house and the thought of you been in my driveway makes me sick! But you are sick and any married man that tries to take another man's world away from him is pathetic! And David you are lower then low! Stay away from my wife my family my kids ! This is the last time I will say it!I am sorry that your wife may not excite you or do anything for you but I am very happy with my wife and my life I don't need anyone else and seeing that u just blocked me because I must be getting the best of you that's okay because tonight I'm going to be the one making love to my wife so either way it doesn't matter , she's one hellava woman she's a great wife , great mother , looks great in the field throwing hay and splitting wood by hand , not to mention a better welder then me , see I can go on and on about the kind of woman I have and someone who cooks , cleans , and plays doctor when the kids are sick, and yeah I can see why any man would want her she's more woman then I can handle but she's mine and you bring up my faults but remember one thing I am the lucky one because she's mine and not all woman can do the things she has done and can do in matter of fact I'm just gonna post MY WIFE'S pic it will be the last pic you will ever get to see , I know she's not your average woman and I don't blame any man for wanting her hell even all her hunting and fishing buddies tell me what a dam good woman I have and not one of them has ever crossed the line with her she's always been faithful and loyal to me , she's also a pistol when she goes off she goes off and no holding her back she loves to fight , after been with her for 8 wonderful years i know my wife i know her better then she knows her self so when u try to get under my skin it's not gonna work I do what's best for my wife and kids and u need to do what's best for yours and stop with the bullshit saying I don't care for my wife when if I didn't care I would not be on here telling you that you need to leave her alone and move on with your pathetic life and stay with your wife be a man take care of your kid and don't worry about mine!