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Duncan, 70, United States
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    i'm tired of serious, life should be fun, so lets have some FUN, they all aren't roses, some are FARTS, ok, fine it's a fart, get over it, it's not all bad, it might be a sweet fart, who knows.. and no, i'm not here for a long term relationship, sure I love kinky women!!really don't understand a woman that will hide her face, is it a secret? and what is with all these animal noses and ears?? and for all of you that think I am easy, well, remember this once a Marine, always a Marine.. my main "KINK" is when a woman "SQUIRTS when she CUMS", I WON'T SEND MONEY, AND I WON'T SEND GIFT CARDS , IF YOU'RE A SCAMMER, I WILL KNOW!!