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    *WARNING EXTREMELY LONG CRAZY POINTLESS BIO AHEAD* *PLEASE DO READ CAUTIOUSLY* *I'M NOW HAPPILY TAKEN* Hey you!!! Yes you!!! Peek A Boo!!! I see you!!! Lmao I Hope you like my pics... (Yes all my pics are real) I hate meeting fake people There are alot of them on here so Be very careful... Fake accounts and profiles watch out for scammers too but that is what happens when you use a free site to meet and date random people who stumble upon my profile such as you're fine self... If I only can imagine...lol let me tell you a secret all the profiles on here are not verified like the other paid ones so now you are in the know...lol But Be honest with me and Don't lie to me I know I'm fugly but at least I'm funny...XD Can we just both agree on that!!! haha Pretty pretty Please...lol I'm joking... I Hope that at least counts for something or Can I get some brownie points because I really need to score big time...XD so let's both be best friends and let's just have some fun on here...lol (If you know what I mean) *wink wink* *hint hint* JK Welcome to my Profile & bio And thanks for stopping by to see my fugly face and body... I'm just kidding... Just a heads up it is very long lol (Sorry about that) I mean my profile...lol you have been fairly warned...I bet you were thinking about something else... You are naughty for thinking about my package that I'm blessed with... Okay back on track All jokes aside though... Let me start over again... What's up you hella crazy amazing random person...How are you...lol I hope all is well with you... I'm fine just hanging in there...lol Although we have never met before...I feel as if I know you very well...And I knew it from the start that there was something very special about you...But Whatever though...Just nevermind that...Just pretend you have never read that...Now Anyways...lol Let me start from the top (I'm starting over again) yes I know I'm starting over twice are you mad now! Takes a deep breath in... Okay here goes nothing... Hello there!!!I'm Jake the Joker...I'm 24... I'm now single... I'm very open minded and very down to earth aswell...I'm a real person too...I'm from New York City...Born And raised of course...lol and I'm secretly low-key an undercover goldfish...How clever huh... Yeah am I right...hehe Just don't tell no one though not even a soul...lol I'm just being me...And I'm just awesome at it...That is all you need to know about me...lol If you want to know more about me just message me... (That's my special tactic) I won't bite you I promise! Unless you want me to...lol If you are really into that kind of kinky type thing... I'm not a kinky person but Whatever floats you're boat Now stop reading this...And just send me a quick friend request...And let's both start chatting away...Now ready...set...go!!!Now you first...3...2...1!!!Now you already know what to do next,you hapless fool...lol Or you can just keep speed reading on if you want to It is totally up to you... Since you already know how long this crazy bio is... Btw I'm not a creep or a pervert in any way shape or form but I do get horny and I do not send nudes or dick pics either...lol So please do not worry about that ladies...Lmao Also Btw I'm sexy,funny,silly,chilly,and I'm a tiny bit of naughty too...lol Can't forget I'm sarcastic too... I gotta throw that in there but we all are like that in some form or another...lol and I don't ever judge anyone So this is a judgement free zone... no need to fear... You can tell me anything that is on your mind... It doesn't matter where you come from or how you look or your religion if your rich or poor it's all about the personality for me love is a universal language... There are no barriers when it comes to true love... So please hit me up if you are interested in me and my super special very uniquely extraordinary crazy bubbly personality that I'm very well blessed with...Lol Wow now that was a mouth full huh...lol Yeah that is what she said...lol You gotta thank the Lord for that... Yupp am I right...lmao PS I'm also a jokester with a kind big heart and with a slight hint of seriousness and a touch romance...lol I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic just incase you haven't noticed...haha NOW THIS IS FOR ALL MY HATERS OUT THERE AND YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE IF YOU DO NOT LIKE ME THEN GET A MAP,GET A CAR,AND GO TO HELL!!!HAVE A SAFE TRIP AND CLOSE YOUR EYES AND PICTURE ME ROLLING YOU ALL ARE JUST JEALOUS... YOU DUMB CRAZY CUNT BITCHES READ IT AND WEEP YOU IDIOTS YOU LOWLIFE DIRTY SCUMBAGS (Sorry just had to say it) (Sorry again for my rant) I just had to let the jelly haters know what's up...Lol Plus they already know they very much deserve the hate After all they are haters!! What else do you expect... They are all trolls aswell Haters always gonna hate No matter what you do or say!! But That's just the way it is sadly they won't change and probably will never... So now the question I ask you is...Are you up for the challenge!?...lol well are you!?... Lol So is it a yes!...a no!...or a maybe so!...lol Now I guess we will both find out...sooner or later...lol So I'll see you on the other side my new very special amazing friend!!!LOVE FROM THE OTHER SIDE...THE DARK SIDE!!! JUST SENDING GOOD POSITIVE VIBES TO YOU!!!(I'M NOT EVIL BTW I'M JUST SAYING THIS IN ALL CAPS) HAHAHA!!!HAHAHA!!!HAHAHA!!! DUN...DUN...DUN...lol Now queue the evil mysterious spooky creepy background music...lol PS Also btw congrats to you if you made it to the very end of this seemingly long,endless,fun, crazy,and pointless bio... But Just incase If anyone I mean you still reads these anymore...lol well here it is you asked for it...lol PS PS An also Never judge a book by its cover and never ever judge anyone if you haven't spent a single day in their shoes you don't know what their day to day lives are And what they are going through And Remember to always live each and every day as if it we're your last... There is no guarantee that tomorrow will come for all of us... So You just never know when it is your time to leave this earth we all know and love to call our home... Never ever take life for granted... There are lots of good people out there who have it much worse than you and me put together... Always keep that in mind... But no matter what you go through in life never give up and make the best out of every situation you may find your self in and find the strength in you to move on and lots of People will look up to you for that... trust me when I say this... Because I been through it I experienced all of it sadly but I'm much better now btw I thank the Lord everyday.. Always believe in yourself! Always Live,love,and laugh! It keeps my spirit bright!! Peace out and take care... Be safe out there... where ever you are... where ever this crazy life takes you God Bless You!!! God Bless America!!!NO TRUMP FOR 2020 GO AWAY CORONA VIRUS (AKA COVID-19) AND PLEASE NEVER EVER COME BACK!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR EVERYONE AFFECTED BY THIS DEADLY VIRUS AND HOPE IT NEVER EVER RETURNS HERE IS A LITTLE SOMETHING FOR YOUR TROUBLES LADIES... SC-JAKEDAJOKER2020✌BYE!✌ (INCASE YOU THINK I'M FAKE) (IT'S MY PERSONAL SNAPCHAT) (ENJOY AND HAPPY SNAPPING) (HOPE TO SEE YOU VERY SOON)