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    163 cm (5'04")
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    Hi, my name is Jenia Kimberly Willingham. My Birthday is on March 1st. I was born in March 1st 1985. I'm in Mindful Motherhood. I have Endometrial Cancer (Endometriosis), now @ stage preventing spread, @ stage Sciatica, @ stage Karppel Tunnel, and @ stage Multiple Sclerosis, @ stage low-libido. The cancer is from me starting period cycle @ age 10 years old and no birth given @ first time of presence of cycle. Now, @ age 33 with period cycle still going, of the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus. Where the cancer is located. Studies, show rarely does someone survive entire womb removal surgery. The idea is to get pregnant as soon as possible. I am on behavioral health medicine, prescribed from my psychiatrist Doctor, used in the late 70's. I lost working. I recieve SSI and SI (Social Security Income and Supplemental Income) permanently for permanently disability to not work for forever. I am a Veteran, I had my fun, I have to take behavioral psych medicine, so, I will not sleep with any guy, sleep with only my/his (sex) husband. I, also, take psych medicine to not get pregnant by any guy, only to get pregnant by me/him. I've been a good girl my time is running out. Take IB prophen (cancer from spreading {thyme} and pain killers and Emetrol.. Looking to sign papers married @ court house for cheapest, buy matching rings of engagement cheap, marry in the chapel of love cheap VEGAS BABY!, honeymoon in Las Vegas, move to Puerto Rico and live, vacation, and Family forever. Pppppppllllllllbbbbb.... Taken Gage Text Me 1-630-660-7675, it's inside the United States of America, Jenia.