Jenia Willingham, 34

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Jenia Willingham, 34, United States
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    United States
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    Chicago Heights
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    163 cm (5'04")
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    I am 34 years old of age in the year 2019. My name is Jenia Kimberly Willingham. I have Endometrial Cancer of the entire womb and unfortunately I only have so much time further to live in this galaxy. I am suffering from cancer that will spread to the rest of my entire body then take my life; you can further look up health information about Endometrial Cancer to I can be cured by giving birth. To get pregnant then giving birth is a definite medical possibility during this time I am extremely fertile. My uterus due to cancer is sick therefore my uterus contracts in pain, my eggs are also sick. I am on here looking for someone who is ready to get pregnant. I am willing to meet a perfect candidate that wants to get pregnant, then elope, then move-in together, in other words start a family. I am in dyer need to get pregnant fertility speaking, having protected intercourse till conception does practice increase my chances to receive a human-being planet. I just recently found out I have the Endometrial Cancer at the beginning of 2 years ago. I figure it's better to try find someone to get pregnant at my young age. So, please send me a message in my inbox if you are interested in my main about me. ************ For more information about me; look me up on; type in search box: Jenia Kimberly Willingham (JeniaKimberly).