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Ayush, 24, India
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    Hey there I am Ayush a very friendly person When it comes to hobbies I enjoy painting playing the piano and occasionally the guitar and diving into a good book Oh and cooking I have got some serious skills in the kitchen I even love to play chess quite often and there are many more things in the pool of my hobbies haha The ongoing debate between cats and dogs has always intrigued me but honestly I cant choose between them as I love them both I also believe in the existence of aliens and such because thinking otherwise would be rather rude in such a vast universe or maybe multiverse with millions or even billions of galaxies And hey if you are reading this and have second thoughts about messaging me here is a little something for you You are beautiful Have a fantastic day and keep that smile shining But if you are up for a chat and getting to know each other you are warmly welcomed to send me a message