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    FUCK OFF TO ALL WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IM REAL. DONT MESSAGE ME!IF U THINK I'M A POSER OR WHATEVER😬😬😬 AND U GUYS..DONT EVA MESSAGE ME IF UR HORNY OR WHATSOEVER..I CAN'T HELP U BUT U CAN DO MASTURBATE WITH URSELF.I'M SO TIRED RECIEVING MESSAGES LIKE THIS EVERYDAY.. 😑SO ANNOYING I’m excited about the idea of falling in love again. I'm excited to meet someone who's never afraid of becoming true to himself. Someone who doesn't care if he/she dances awkwardly as long as it makes him/her happy. Someone who doesn't mind to share his/her favorite drink and get drunk with me. Someone who will pacify me whenever I'm angry through weird gestures and funny faces. Someone who's never afraid of showing his/her real identity and able to face the journey full of struggles and obstacles with me. Someone who is ready to have deep and random conversations every midnight. Someone who is willing to travel, experience and enjoy every opportunity the world could offer. I’m excited to meet someone who will bring out the best in me. Someone who can ride my funny and perky attitude. Someone who will love me and my details, accept my every little flaw and insecurities. Someone who will make me feel the sudden rush and sensations inside. Someone who will never stop putting efforts on our relationship even if we have gray hair already. Someone who will put me up and forgive me every time. Someone who makes me feel that I’m worth having, loving and fighting for. Someone who will make me feel something new and become my best half, my best friend, my lover and my everything. I'm excited to meet someone who loves Jesus more than he loves me.