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    163 cm (5'04")
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    DO NOT TEXT ME ""H R U "" "W Y D"... I know the meaning but you can text it in words instead.. Why so many guys in here saying they're from US. UK CANADA but actually in India. Bangladesh. Nepal. Lol. Why lie? Why deny your own country and race..why not love your own? You know who you are. Don't bother to text me. HATE LIARSSS. ❌🚫 NO for SEX CHAT. 👎👎👎 ❌🚫 don't offer me your money, I don't need them. I'm rich HAHAHAHAHHA ❌🚫 ""HY"",""DEAR"" and "baby"are not accepted 😂😂 You'll be blocked.. ❌🚫 FAKE PHOTOS --major turn off ❌🚫 if you get to know me deeper, you'll see I'm much different than these pics. These photos are just a cover-up .. The fake side of me. One more thing... If you gonna ask me for sex. Then I'll say no. And you'll say "fuck off bitch".. A big HAHA for you.. Pathetic. 😂.. I'm not here for sex. Nor to ask money from anyone. Just wasting my time looking for real people to be friends with.