MAria ELaine ANgeLa, 40

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MAria ELaine ANgeLa, 40, Philippines
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    wHen cRiticaL woRds cOme mY wAy.,i hAve tO sTop aNd rEmind mYseLf tHat a pErson's opiNioN oF mE iS nOt tHe whoLe tRutH.wHiLe iTs gOod tO cOncidEr wHat tHey hAve sAid.I mUst mAke tHe cHoice nOt tO get cOnsuMed bY iT.I hAve tO kEep iT aLL iN pErspEctiVe.God's eYes oN me..His fAce iS nOt aGainst mE.And eVen iF oThers appEar tO bE aGainst mE.I mUst mAke sUre iN mY rEactioN tO tHem tHat I eXteNd gRace aNd HonoR God.Do gOod tO tHose wHo hAte yOu,BLess tHose wHo cUrsE yOu aNd pRay fOr tHose wHo miStrEat yOu...😊🤗😇💜mAriAeLaineaNgeLa💜😇🤗😊