The BTS Queen, 18

South Korea South Korea
The BTS Queen, 18, South Korea
The BTS Queen, 18, South Korea
The BTS Queen, 18, South Korea
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    Hiya, my BTS-TASTIC ARMY fam!! It is ur BTS Queen, Mia Haas!! I am 14 and live in the U.S.A. hoping to move to South Korea w/ our boys!! My dream is to become a pro k-pop singer and join BTS and marry at least one of them, if not all of them!!! In case u guys could not tell, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEEE BTS!!!! They are my everything!!! They r a part of me! They r my heart and soul; without them I would not be able to live!!! They feel like family, if not more! They r the lights of my life, my soul mates!!! I LOVE THEM SOOOOOO MUCH!! They picked me up out of a deep and dark pit of sadness when I was being quarantined for 5 weeks from in person school when I received three quarantine orders in one single week! When I thought all hope was lost, they strolled into my life, reaching out a helping hand and led me into the amazing world of K-pop! Before that, I never knew I would ever get into K-pop bc I never understood what they were saying!!! When I first heard about BTS, I thought they were just an old 60s and 70s classical rock band like the Beatles, but I was DEFINITELY WRONG!!! They r sooooo much more than that!!! I have learned that u should never judge a book by its cover bc u never know what is behind it! When it comes to something u love and are strongly devoted to, u must always listen to ur heart, for love conquers all!!! It does not matter if ur head does not know what the lyrics mean, but that u know what they r saying by heart!!! My goal is to inspire and spread positivity around the world by making a difference like what BTS has done for the entire world, especially during this worldwide pandemic!! They have done so much for ARMY that I feel like I have to repay them in some sort of way!!! THERE IS NOTHING STRONGER THAN LOVE SO I WILL GIVE THEM ALL OF THE LOVE IN THE WORLD FOR THEY R THE WORLD TO ME!!! I am a HUGE ARMY!!! I have been an ARMY for only 4 months, but it feels like I have known my boys my whole life! I just feel like I am connected to them somehow!! I want to befriend all u ARMYs out there! Plz message me, I cannot wait to meet u and become ur friend!!! I want to hear ur story and bond w/ u over our shared love for the guys!!! ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND: U GUYS R BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING, NEVER EVER LET ANYONE TELL U OTHERWISE, ESPECIALLY BTS HATERS (AKA K-poppies) BC THEY DO NOT KNOW WHO AND WHAT THEY R MISSING!! I PURPLE U GUYS!! I Will always be here for u guys no matter what, ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!! I LOVE U GUYS SOOOOOOO MUCH, as much as I love BTS!!!! My love for both u guys and our boys is unexplainable, always growing each and every day, NEVER EVER decreasing!! Luv u guys and cannot wait to talk and meet u guys!!!! BTS AND ARMY TOGETHER FOREVER!!!!