Poisonous Angel, 99

Philippines Philippines
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    Maldita city
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    160 cm (5'03")
  • Looking for: Language Exchange
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    Life is a journey of learning. The darker the night; the brighter the stars shines. This world is really toxic... You can say hi. I am not rude. I will response but make sure you're sensible. Otherwise I'll just reply 😊👍🏻. Ask anything sensible to continue the flow of conversation. I want to make friends. True and genuine friendship. For those perverts and family man out there who still try to flirt ... be careful... I know how to play my card well. Remember, I'm poisonous 😉 To those who keep on insisting to show their dick, just stop... you'll just get insulted. Thanks to the very rare peeps in my life; who loved me without conditions, who understood without pretensions. "You've got to love me for what I am, for simply being me. Don't love me for what you intend or hope that I would be. And if you're only using me to feed your fantasy, you're really not in love so let me go... I must be free"