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    I might say that to the peps out there that really true to themselves here and really looking for a true lover and a lifetime partner i might suggest it's not a good site for y'all but if you really wanna insist to find here and you believe that you'll find here just always remember use not only your heart but also your mind and intuition if you wanna feel that it's wrong it's not good don't do it do what makes you really happy without hurting someone else feelings and without being bad to others and what really makes you comfortable to do and always reserve yourself to someone rather to a person who will give you happiness not just to your body but to your mind heart and soul always remember there's God in us and whatever we does as long as we believes in him all of the things will make clear to you, you'll be peaceful you'll be cherish and most especially you'll be love. Sincerely signing off: Loved 😊😊