Suzq, 18

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    United States
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    161 cm (5'03")
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    if you cant say hi, WHY should I accept a friend request!! Dont waste my time or yours!!!! If I wanted to Skype, I would be on Skype. If I wanted to be on msn or yahoo or Facebook or Kik or Snapchat, I would be there. I am here, if you want to chat with me. Here!!! I'm HERE to chat and have fun. This here is chatting. It's a virtual world and has nothing to do with real life. If we haven't chatted don't send a friend request, simple! Don't send me emails if we have never chatted! Do not declare your undying love for me after 2 minutes of chatting that consisted of you asking for my ASL a dozen times. I'd really appreciate if you call me by my name, instead of babe/baby/dear/sweety/things like that. I reserve the right to not reply to every message I receive.