Tony Furtado

29 Years, United States
Tony Furtado 29 Years, United States
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    Hi, I'm Tony Furtado from united states, I work in a construction company as a contractor, I'm 33 years of age and still single, I like playing football especially a defender which make people call me Ferdinand because he is also a good defender from Manchester United in English premier league. i also like playing golf, likewise tennis and basket ball. I like meeting people for friendship and love to share knowledge with them for fun. I li making people around me laugh and make them realize that it is a pleasure for us to be alive. I'd like to meet someone that is ready to take me of whom I am and I take her foe whom she was. someone that will make me realize that without someone like her, my life is not complete and who will bring out the good dreams I have being dreaming since the day i was born. someone that will know what i want when i laugh and what i don't want when i'm angry. in one world, i'm really looking for the love of my life, someone to love with all my heart and she love me with all her heart.