Vivian, 27

Jamaica Jamaica
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    175 cm (5'09")
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    I decided to tell some truth about myself below.😱😄😄. If u don't like it then u don't have to agree or talk to me. Am cool with that. I am not working so I don't expect any relationship here.(I would not be able to visit anyones country) . I expect friends here. I don't think I will have any kind of relationship here 😂 but at least am here. I have hobbies just like other guys gaming, video watchin (anime movies), going out, hang with friends, beach and more. I like talking about aliens too because it seem very exciting to me. Its also very highly logical so I believe in them big time. I am not religious (Muslimic, Christianic, Judaismic nor others). Religion dose not make much sense to me. I am spiritual though. Thanks to hidden alian info that the public should not know. Thanks to ancient alien knowledge. U see, if it was not for alien knowledge, I would think that people r nothing more than slabs of meat. Nothing more than flesh and bone, smely ratten flesh when dead. Remember now... I don't believe in any religion because some has too many mistakes while some is total nonsense. Non is sensible enough. Life would be meaning less. We would be nothing more than a lucky mistake of reality. The alien knowledge have brought meaning to it.