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    THIS IS LONG. But please, if you would, at least read through the FIRST 7 POINTS. (1) I am seeking SINGLE WOMEN. Nothing else. ********************* (2) I am CHRISTIAN by faith, and I take it seriously. This doesn't mean I'm claiming perfect holiness, only that I'm a sinner who's doing his best to follow Christ. ********************* (3) I have many interests, like NYC team sports, 80s post-punk, art and science museums, movies, stargazing / astronomy, history / political science, animation, sitcoms, science fiction, videography, home audio equipment (i.e., I'm an "audiophile"), theology, Christian apologetics, language / word histories, and I could go on. ********************* (4) I live in the western half of the U.S., but I'm a New Yawka at heart. ********************* (5) If you are OUTSIDE the UNITED STATES, please do not message if you're not fluent in English. ********************* (6) If you think either ANTIFA or the so-called "Alt-Right" is a force for good, we're probably not going to get along. Both of those movements are fascistic, and I'm a firm believer in "natural law". ********************* (7) Now please... if you CANNOT CONVERSE, i.e. exchange, at least somewhat equally, thoughts, questions, etc., do NOT CONTACT me. You must be able to work with me to keep the convo going back & forth. I will not hang too long if I'm doing most of the talking or inquiring. ********************* (8) PET PEEVES: (a) the higher percentage of shallow / promiscuous American / western women I see in these profiles. ********************* (b) beautiful Filipinas who keep describing themselves as "simple" (get over it already!) ********************* (c) those stupid filters that distort peoples' faces in their photos. ********************* (d) Ladies, don't argue with your profile viewers. In some of your "About Me" sections, you coming out firing with both guns blazing, totally on the defensive. For someone like me, all I can think is, "Is this how you invite people to contact you?" ********************* (e) Why are images of written statements supposed to pass for profound wisdom? ********************* (f) The two-finger peace symbol, sometimes coupled by puckered lips.