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    167 cm (5'05")
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    PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Yeah, I know it's long. 1. I am seeking SINGLE WOMEN, not attached women, and certainly not men. 2. I have many interests / hobbies -- represented in some of my photos, but I have many more. 3) I am Christian by faith, and I take it seriously. 4) I am UNEMPLOYED and HOMELESS, so if for some crazy wacky reason I aroused your interest, know that I am probably not the best boy-friend material right now. 5) If you are OUTSIDE the United States, do NOT contact me. a) I have found that most foreigners cannot maintain a meaningful dialogue and they disappear quickly. b) I am seeking friends and being friends, for me at least, goes beyond the virtual / internet at some point. 6) SCAMMERS, I can recognize you in a heartbeat. So, PLEASE message me so that I can report you. Please. 7) Profile pet peeves: a) What is it with the beautiful women of the Philippines and their obsession with the word "simple"??. b) Women on this dopey site who go off on cursing & swearing binges in their profiles after telling you how nice and sweet they are. c) Girls, even older women, who use those stupid filters in their photos. d) Pictures of dogs, flowers, sunsets, etc., instead of YOU. I love dogs and sunsets, but will not be forming friendships with them any time soon.