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    New Jersey turn off you TVs watch U Tube learn about our Government and UFOs you need to educate yourselves 2018 might be you last year of freedom as you know it everything you have been told is a lie the Government's have sold us out watch U Tube when the power goes out it's not coming back on it's gonna get bad really bad there will be no police they will be protecting there own families watch Everything on u tube about UFOS I won't say Good bless you all there is no God everything is a lie exept this your in for the fright of your life Best of luck to you all this is Earth Wide don't leave any messages just watch U Tube . Google Agenda 21 watch it on U tube this is what is really going on world Wide and. Walmart and FEMA camps but don't subscribe. Say NO to 5G No Identity Chips your life depends on All of this U tube will give you the Education that you never had !I only have Kik